Saturday, April 29, 2006

Accessing the different bloggers new feature!

At the bottom of each blog was a skip menu to allow you to move from blogger to blogger.

The site has grown and growing more in the coming months!

Under the Home Page are controls now!

1. Choose your destination!
2. Click on Go to move to the next destination!
3. You can off course bookmark the pages with Ctrl + D as well.


Choose a Destination...

Bodypump Blogger!
Bodybalance Blogger!
Bodyattack Blogger!
RPM Blogger!

Click on Go!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Own Domain!

The site now has its own domain. Which is going to be a bonus for the new home page I can load CGI and SQL scripts and JavaScript :) which is pretty cool!

Coming soon my Bodystep Blog Site!

Yes very soon :)

The site was created in January 2005!

Decided to bring it out of mothballs :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

New Poll Bodyattack 52!

Added a first poll for this site sorry I have not done one before.

Vote Away and I am sure the TPTB would love to see the results :)

New Poll!

Added a Plyometric Poll to the site.

I am very interested in the results. It will be up here from a period of 4 weeks. I am also adding another one as well :)

I need help understanding it any comments on the poll would be greatfully accepted. I go back 9 years with Bodyattack :)

Plyometric Poll!

I am having trouble with the plyometric track in Bodyattack! I don't understand why it is there and why I should not be later on in the class!

When I did my Plyometric Training when I became a Fitness Instructor I was trained in the construction of Plyometric Classes (which I do love) and plyometric training as well :).

I would have loved to see the plyometric track either at 3 or later on in the class?

I have no idea why it is at number 4?

Can anyone please enlighten me :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Filming Dates May 2006 Update!

The filming dates for May now appear under Filming Dates 2006 option on the sites!

Thanks to the guys at LMI for them!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

BlogForum©2006 Logo!

Added the new blogforum logo across the site today! The site has a commitment to joining the gap between the Forum and Blog Communities and making the site interactive for the visitors of the site. The aim of the blog is to be customer focused and allow users of the blog to register for the forum and talk about what is on the blog and what they want to talk about!

Join in today become an interactive member of the site!

Sign up now BlogForum©2006!

You are reading what I am writing in the BlogForum©2006.

Don't be shy :) sign up and say something :)

The site has been up for 4 days now!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Site Notification!

As of 13th April 2006 any modfied entries would have a original date stamp of the article and then a modification date stamp.

So that you are aware of that the article has been modified since it was created.

Example would be:Created: 1:44 pm 9th April 2006 Modified 3:13pm 14th April 2006 reasoning is that the article has had additional information added since the last viewing of the article.

We don't want you to read the same thing twice :P :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Greetings to all!

Have a safe and secure easter break.

Travel safe and the 4 day break.

We have Good Friday and Easter Monday

Coming Soon 2 new blogs and a new forum to support them!

Can't say much now but I am launching two new blogs and a supporting forum for that program.

They have been fully developed and coming in May 2006 :)

Become a foundation member of the BlogForum©2006!

Join in now awesome site tons to talk about :) and become a foundation member.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bevan James Eyles - Website!

Bevan James Eyles is a Master Trainer in Bodyattack. He hails from Wellington New Zealand.

Although one of my family names is Eeles I have been told that Eyles and Eeles are from the Eeles Connection with variants.

It is nice to be a descendant of an Eeles :)

The link above below goes to his website.

Just wanted to say...

Everyone comes to the site and uses the resourses of the site, no one is commenting on any thread.I have been thinking about closing the site if no one is commenting!

There are over 60 hits to the site every day, people use the resources.

The site also takes alot of my spare time to run and maintain.

Feel free to comment on any subject!

6:10 12/04/2006 entry:

I must have had a bad hair day decided to keep it going :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BlogForum©2006 and the Blog!

Bodyattacker's aren't a shy lot comeone get involved :)

Jump in and say something :) get in on the ground floor.It is one of the most dynamic BlogForums around :) you can finally meet the people that vist this blog site finally.


Total Freedom You can edit your entrys if you make a mistake and want to add something.
Create Polls
RSS Syndication you can keep up to date via RSS feeds.
Post Tracker and keep up to date with your posting entries.
Get to know other people who share your passion from your fav Les Mills program!

So join in and meet everyone who comes here :)

This site supports instructors rights to freedom of speech in the BlogForum©2006!

New Technical Help Section for BlogForum©2006!

Where all those pesky FAQ's are answered! Check there for how to and what to guides for the BlogForum©2006!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bodyattack Zone Forum Added!

Bodyattack Zone Forum Added!

You have to register to post there.

The reason for the forum is so that people who visit here can have a special place for them to post and chill and talk about Bodyattack only.

I think that is a cool idea.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Medical Notice Added!

The site now has a medical notice attached at the bottom of the screen.

Please read :)

kia ora to all :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Site News 01st April 2006!

Site News has been updated.

Get ahead and know whats happening across the sites by clicking on "Site News"

Check back occasionally for updates!

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