Sunday, February 07, 2010

Les Mills Forums

There seems to be some sort of negativity on their forums.

I really don't understand what has happened to their forums? I think that there are bigger issues in the world than the negativity on their forum. I have learned in the last 2 years that it is only a forum where people place their thoughts and that there are a range of view-points going on there.

There are a number of people who think the forum needs moderation. They decided to allow it to self moderate meaning they thought that as adults they would act responsible and post correctly. Now comes the issue of a forum out of control. There seems to be a main point here that the forum can work un-moderated. The issue is that people are over 18+ there posting it would assume that they can act responsible and post as adults.

The other issue is that there is a wider audience going there and that seems to be the crux of another issue that this part of their site is viewed by the wider community in particular under 18 are going to the forum to read the forums.

The whole forum issue also comes with a certain amount of freedom to say what you want to say. To have what is said respected. To be able to write in a forum and simply leave the forum and come back to see what replies have been made. It is a as simple as that. Respect the rights of other view points and not to ride over people and try to embarrassed them or others in any reply back. To some extent this is the central issue of posting in a forum. You are not going to agree with everyone, some people have different view-points, others are going to disagree with what you say.

I have also learned via my studies over the past 2-years that I need to step back and listen to what others have to say. To simply say occasionally I am wrong, or have information that can be changed via an open exchange of ideas. Through doing this I have changed the way I think about certain teaching thoughts I have had in the past. I now have new ideas, and changed the way I now think about teaching. I now have new approaches to what I do now as trainer and assessor. That is the great thing about a well run forum you can learn from others and don't take it personally that you don't know the full picture. I have learned new ideas from the lecturers teaching me and fellow class mates in our on line learning environment.

To me this is learning and I am not afraid to say please expand my knowledge and help me learn new ideas.

On a personal note I loved posting in the forums originally. I don't now. I have read allot of bad things there over the past 9 months. As they are nor serving the best business interests of LMI. They are doing the exact opposite. I suspect that RF and BTS USA are delighting themselves in what is going on there. It can only serve to increase their product range of products at the detriment of the current situation in their corporate forums.

Which currently are rather embarrassing to Les Mills International where members (participants and instructors) are not representing LMI to their best business interest.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where to Start?

It has been a very hectic two years during that time I embarked on a new learning journey. I started my Masters and it has been pretty much that since 2008. I have completed my last assignment and been told that I will get my Masters. I have learned allot in the past 2 years.

What I have learned is that education is an important thing to have. It is what makes your future and destiny. It allows you to dare dream of a better life and to better oneself.

I encourage anyone out there to get a University education. To reach for your dreams and dare go beyond what you can think you are capable of. I also encourage everyone to get their Masters and one day to dream the ultimate dream to get their Doctorate.

I am so very happy to have reached my dream and have the courage to get my Masters in Education.

Have a wonderful 2010 everyone :)

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